Beaucoup Studio

Make every project memorable

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At Beaucoup, we design creative and coherent experiences supporting our clients’ needs.
As a multidisciplinary studio, we create memorable stories with care and attention to detail, for all our services: identity creation, website, e-commerce, brand content, augmented reality, etc.
We work with brands with whom we share a common vision and the eagerness to push back our respective limits.
We deploy the same energy and passion to make all ideas memorable and we surround ourselves with the best in the business. Our mission? Providing high-quality work with lots of love!
Our values


We always try to go where we are not expected, playing with the user’s senses and making them remember the experience.


For each project our directive line is consistency. Artistic consistency across media, consistency among objectives, and consistency with your budget.


We draw our inspiration from everywhere to avoid being trapped in a specific style or trend. Always on the lookout for innovation.
We always try out the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools, so that we can stand out from the competition with unique creations, as well as unexpected and immersive designs.
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A team of passionate people with multiple skills

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In our studio, ideas are flooding everywhere. We firmly believe in the synergy of profiles and complementarity of individuals. Beaucoup Studio was born from a duo driven by the same ambition: offering complete support to every client.
On this premise, Lucas, technical director, and Edwin, artistic director, gathered a team of experts, ready to push all technical and creative boundaries for your projects. One thing we all believe in and always strive to achieve: make all of our clients satisfied.
Our awards


Nomination Studio of the Year 2023
Nomination Site of the Year 2023
Nomination E-commerce of the year 2023 X 2
Designer of the Year Special Kudos – CSS Design Awards

Site of the Day X 2

  • Pebble
  • Craie Craie

Honorable mention X 14

Faubourg, Cokau Lab, Girafe, Pebble, Denise, Craie Craie, Mars Branding, That Original, atck, Dissidence, Compose It, Nouvelles Fables, JR Atelier, Two Films

Mobile Excellence

  • Craie Craie


Site of the Day X 6

  • Pebble
  • Girafe
  • Mars Branding
  • atck
  • Compose It
  • Craie Craie

Css Design Awards

Designer of the Year Special Kudos

Website of the Day X 4

  • Denise
  • Mars Branding
  • atck
  • Compose It

Special Kudos X 8

Faubourg, Cokau Lab, Girafe, JR Atelier, That Original, Dissidence, Nouvelles Fables, Two Films